Welding / Cutting / Fabrication

We carry out custom fabrication works at our workshop facility. Our dedicated team of engineers, technicians and certified tradesman are committed to servicing the needs of our clients and are ready to handle any specialist fabrication requirements.

We can cut, weld or fabricate material to the specified requirements of the customers needs.

in order to be capable of servicing our clients needs we have invested in specialist equipment such as CNC Plasma cutters, CNC Laith Machines, Drill Machines and welding equipment.

Some of the steel products we fabricate are as follows:

  • Steel Pipes
  • Steel Sheet Piles
  • Flanges
  • Strut Pipes
  • Drill Pipes
  • Anchor Strand & Couplers

We pride ourselves on being able to offer our clients a complete service from start to finish. We help solve problems, advise on planning, design & manufacture quality assured products to the highest specification.

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